Getting Rid of Those Dark Eyed Bandits

Raccoons might look adorable, but they can be vicious; they also love to dig into trash and whatever else they can get into. Even though they have adorable little paws and cute fluffy tails, you should try and avoid a confrontation with a raccoon. Raccoons can carry several contagious diseases, including rabies. If you are ever bitten by a raccoon, you should go to an emergency room immediately. Here are some simple ways to rid your life of raccoons.

Contain Your Trash

A very easy way to stop raccoons from coming around your house is to secure your trash better. You can buy a heavy-duty metal trash can, that has a heavy lid, so the raccoons can’t get inside of it. You can also buy a trash can that has a latching or locking lid. While this might cost you some money, it can be a quick and easy fix to your raccoon problem. More than likely, the raccoons are visiting your house to scavenge for food; if you cut off their access to food, they will be forced to look somewhere else.

Putting Away Pet Food

Some people like to leave bowls of cat and dog food outside of their home. If you leave it outside for your own pet, you might want to consider bringing the bowls inside at night. If you leave the bowls outside for strays in your neighborhood, maybe you can only fill it a little bit at night or only when you see one of the strays nearby that is hungry.

Call Animal Control

There are companies that offer raccoon removal in Fairfax, VA. You can pay professionals to come out and help you get rid of the pesky critters. Sometimes a company will find a humane way to remove the raccoons, while other companies might not be so nice to the animals. If you care about having them removed in a humane way, you might want to look up the policies of companies in your area.

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