Getting a Better Understanding of Cremation Costs in San Diego, CA

There are many individuals that wish to have their body buried after they pass away. However, given that the average price for traditional burial is anywhere from $7000-$30,000 and, regionally, these numbers can be even higher, many people feel that it is a significant waste of money. In addition, if the surviving family will have to pay the bill for such a burial proceeding, the individual may feel that it’s too much of a financial burden to ask their surviving family to pay for. In these cases, many people look at cremation as a possible alternative. However, this brings into question the Cremation Costs in San Diego CA.

Average Costs

The thing to remember is that the average cost for cremation is at around $1100. In some locations, the cost can start from anywhere around $600-$700. In certain locations, especially Southern California, the cost for cremation may inch up beyond the $1100 average. However, when comparing that to the cost of a traditional burial with a casket and a headstone, cremation is a much more affordable option. This is especially beneficial for people that don’t have a great deal of money and are looking to prevent their family from dealing with the expensive cost of a burial.

Additional Services

It is important to remember that the cost is only for the cremation service itself. Some families may want to have a funeral service, and those costs are going to be in addition to the cremation services. However, the cost for a funeral service is going to be minimal and, in some cases, especially if the cremation costs are in the $600-$700 range, the additional cost for a funeral may still not surpass the national average of $1100 for cremation.

There’s a lot of things to think about when it comes to Cremation Cost in San Diego CA as opposed to a traditional burial. While it may not be something that people like to dedicate a great deal of thought to, these are important things to consider so a plan can be put in place for the surviving family. It’s important to determine how much you feel is acceptable to spend on burial, cremation, and funeral services. That way, you can have all the arrangements made ahead of time to take some of the stress off your surviving family members.

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