Get Your Tan On With JWoww Tanning Lotions

Getting a great tan without a lot of time or hassle is what your customers desire. Though they love visiting your shop, they want to get a great tan with minimal time and effort.

Choosing the best tanning products to offer your customers is important in helping them get their desired results. If you don’t carry the products they want, they will purchase these elsewhere, so it’s critical to offer several varieties.

JWoww tanning lotions should definitely be among those offered by your salon, as these are some of the industry’s most popular. Jenny Farley, of Jersey Shore fame, designed this line of products to help consumers get her signature dark tan.

JWoww products offer several options in tanning lotions. These lotions are designed to give tanners the darkest of colors, but are also designed to moisturize skin with natural ingredients like Kendi oil and shea butter. All of Jenny Farley’s skincare products have a yogurt base, so these are really good for the skin.

One of the most popular products in the JWoww line is Ink Drink. This tanning lotion offers the same tanning benefits as other products in the line, including a bronzer, but provides a special ingredient designed to revitalize the ink in tattoos. Customers love it because they see a new glow to their tattoos and healthier skin in addition to a great tan.

Another popular product from this line is the “Love of My Life” bronzer. This lotion can be used with or without a tanning bed. It’s a streak free bronzer that allows users to get a very dark tan quickly. Using in a tanning bed only intensifies it. This bronzer provides a very natural color.

Finally, “One and Done” is a fan favorite. This product offers a special combination of ingredients that users love. This product is a bronzer, tanning lotion and moisturizer that includes the “ink drink” ingredient to revitalize tattoos. It also contains an intensifier, which stimulates your body’s production of melanin, to further deepen your tan. This product does it all.

As you’re determining the lines of tanning products you’ll carry at your salon, you will certainly want to consider JWoww tanning lotions. These products are extremely popular with consumers, and will fly off your shelves. Talk to your supplier about buying JWoww products in wholesale quantities. This might just be your salon’s best seller.

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