Get the Most out of Your Workout with the Vertical Leg Press Machine

Whether you wish to increase the strength of your legs for personal reasons or as training for an event, you stand to gain when you decide to use the vertical leg press machine. There are a number of exercises and machines available to work on your legs and hips, but none are quite as beneficial as this amazing machine. Whether you just started your workout regime or you built your spare time around the act of getting fit, this piece of equipment is the perfect way to tone your calves.

How to Use It

As with any gym equipment, proper technique as you use the vertical leg press machine is extremely important. First, lay back on the back pad with your hips positioned beneath the weights. Then, place your feet on the platform and press firmly upward in order to lift the weights. Once this is done, disengage the lock, grasp the handles, and then flex your knees to slowly lower the weights until your knees are almost completely flexed. To finish, push through the muscles of your heels to extend your legs, and press the weights back up into their original position. Repeat this workout as reps, or repetitions, and remember not to push yourself to complete exhaustion too quickly. With any machine, slow and steady is the best way to work your muscles with a minimized risk of injury.


You can use a number of stance variations in order to focus more intensely on specific muscle groups. As you use your vertical leg press machine, consider a narrower stance in order to target your quadriceps and a wider stance in order to target your inner thigh muscles. Your gluteal muscles are also hard at work, and you will notice a distinct tightening of your muscles in just a few weeks. In fact, a standard squat is outclassed quickly in regard to the leg and hip flexion given by a vertical leg press.

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