Get Professional Crating In San Antonio To Avoid Damage

Shipping items across America and across the world requires proper packing to protect everything from damage. Professional crating companies such as Crate Master can crate all types of items, so they will arrive at their destination safely. Specially designed wooden crates can be used for small antiques up to huge industrial equipment. The best crating in San Antonio companies will offer on-site crating.

Custom Packing And Crating Services

Custom crating and packing services in the Dallas and Fort Worth Texas area allow shippers to have items with unusual shapes and sizes shipped safely. A company offering crating services will design, build, and pack special wooden crates. Creating wooden crates is a delicate job requiring great expertise and attention to detail. The crate must be large enough to protect the item. Then, no one wants to pay more shipping costs for a container that is heavier and larger than is necessary.

Once a crate is designed and built to the optimum size, the correct packing materials must be used to protect the item within the crate. Heavy, awkward items may be hard to get to a packing facility, so having a company that will come on-site to package it will be important. Crates must be designed for the method of shipping to be used such as air, ship, rail, or truck.

Some owners of items to be shipped need them to be stored before shipping or after arriving for some amount of time. This service should be part of the packing companies service.

What Can Be Crated To Ship

Larger items that can be prepared for shipping are helicopters and airplanes, industrial machines, cars, trucks, motorcycles, conveyors, power plant equipment, and more. Delicate items can include artwork, mirrors, antiques, sculptures, and chandeliers. They can also make appropriate crates for live animals. Then a multitude of other items in many shapes and sizes can be packaged or crated. They can even crate robots and amusement park equipment.

Other Products

Some packaging companies use their carpentry skills and equipment to make their own products to sell. These can include benches, shelves, tables, play houses and other items. Each packaging company has a collection of products they sell. They may also sell uniformly sized wooden boxes and other shipping materials. Visit website for additional information about crating in San Antonio.

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