Get Privacy and Daily Living Care at an Assisted Living Facility in Fairfax, Va

As people grow older, sometimes they cannot safely live in their own homes due to mobility issues or failing health. However, senior citizens who can take care of most of their personal needs don’t need to be admitted to nursing facilities. Instead, they can choose to live in facilities where they can get medical assistance and daily living care when it is needed.

Private Home Environment

An assisted living facility in Fairfax, Va may be a good solution for elderly relatives who may need assistance with daily care but want the privacy of their own living quarters. While residents have the privacy they desire, they don’t have to worry about cooking for themselves and can call for help whenever they need it. These facilities often offer private studio and one- and two-bedroom units for single or married residents.

Even though residents can take care of most of their own needs, an assisted living facility will usually offer housekeeping, laundry, and assistance with daily living needs. They also offer chances for residents to socialize with each other so they don’t get lonely. Scheduled social activities and programs give them the chance to leave the facility to visit local attractions or attend special events within their community.

Medical Care Onsite

If a resident becomes ill or has a medical emergency, there is staff available 24 hours a day to answer his or her call for help. Visits from physicians can also be scheduled at the facility so that a resident doesn’t need to leave the facility to visit a doctor if he or she is too ill to do so.

In addition, the residents’ health is reviewed with regular wellness checks by the facility’s medical staff. If you have an elderly relative who needs assistance with daily living tasks, living in an assisted living facility can meet his or her needs. For more information please visit The Virginian Retirement Community now.

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