Get a Quality Roof Repair or Replacement With the Help of Roofers in Kansas City, MO

Roofers are some of the most important contractors that you can hire for your home because they perform a number of functions to ensure the building doesn’t leak. For example, a roofer can patch damaged shingles, seal a leaking attic vent, check the flashing and eaves for signs of damage and even re-roof an old or storm damaged roof. Roof leaks can occur suddenly or they can take years to do their damage. Depending on how your home is finished it might be possible for you to notice a leak. However, a home without an attic or one that has turned the attic into usable living space can make it difficult to determine if a leak exists. This is because you can’t see the water stains that often appear on the decking or rafters.

Roofers in Kansas City, MO area can often determine when a roof is damaged by checking a number of problems. A roof inspection involves things like testing the shingles for age and verifying the sealant around the vents and flashing. These are important steps to ensure that the roof doesn’t develop future problems. Testing the decking is also important because most decking damage occurs at the edges of the sheets of wood. Roof decking typically comes in four by eight sheets laid lengthwise and cut so the edges fit across a rafter. This makes it possible for a stream of water to slowly rot the edges if the roof develops a leak.

If your roof has aged or simply needs to be replaced you have several choices in roof coverings. The most common selection is asphalt shingles. This product has been in use for many decades and provides an effective covering that lasts between fifteen to twenty five years, depending on the grade of the shingle used. An alternative to asphalt shingles is zinc galvanized steel. This is a stamped steel sheet which comes in a variety of styles including simulated wood shake, clay tile or even the common shingle. Steel roofing is usually warranted for at least fifty years. Alternately, the Roofers in Kansas City, MO may suggest options like fiber-cement tiles. Fiber cement is an excellent choice for a new roof with an estimated life of thirty five years. Modern fiber-cement materials use a cellulose fiber as the strengthening material in lieu of the asbestos fiber found in earlier products.

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