Geriatric Home Care Service that Grows with Its Clients

by | Jan 27, 2016 | Healthcare

If you are taking care of an aging family member at your or their home, you know there can be a lot involved in giving them the best care they need. For people who can live at home, but need some assistance with some of their day to day activities there is geriatric home care. This is home care for the elderly who may need assistance with different things on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis. A trained caregiver will come to the home of the client and provide whatever services are needed. If a senior needs more and more help, and the family wants them to remain in the home, there are live-in services available so the family can be secure in knowing there is always someone there to help their family member live their best life possible.

Just a Little Bit of Help

There are elderly people who are maintaining living on their own just fine, but they need some help with things here and there such as light cleaning or preparing meals because they can no longer stand and bend for an extended period of time. A service also offered to those who need geriatric home care is taking client to run errands or to doctors’ visits because they are no longer able to drive. They may also need medication management which will prepare the medication the client needs to take throughout the week. With geriatric home care, the services provided depend on the specific needs of the client. They can get whatever type of service they need to help them stay home and live a more independent life.

Progressive Service

As your loved one continues to age and may need more services it is beneficial to the client, and the family, to stay with the same agency they have been using from the start. At Capital City Nurses, their caregivers are trained on many illness and symptoms of illness, and know how to provide the type of care that is needed. If your loved one goes from not be able to cook for themselves to not being able to dress or bathe themselves, there are caregivers who are trained in how to do that, so there is no need for your family member to have to become comfortable with someone else. They can continue to work with the caregiver who has been with them from the beginning their journey.

For more information on the geriatric home care services provided in your area, contact Capital City Nurses. You can also connect with them on Facebook for more updates.

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