From Frosting to Flavor When Choosing the Best Donuts in Chicago

When you visit a donut shop, you’ll usually see a variety of flavors and textures to choose from including an original glazed or a cake donut. If you’re concerned about how to know if you’re getting the best treat, here are a few details to look for before you place an order.


The first thing to look for in the best donuts in Chicago is the appearance of each treat. They should be uniform in color instead of having burnt edges or areas that are darker than others. Decorations on donuts should be evenly spread across the surface, such as sprinkles from one side to the other.


The aroma from the donuts that you eat should be enticing. It should smell fresh and like it was just taken from the oven or from the fryer depending on the kind of donut you purchase. There should also be a slight aroma of yeast from the donut as most have this as the main ingredient since yeast helps donuts and breads rise. You shouldn’t smell burnt odors when you get the best donuts in Chicago as this could indicate that they have been sitting in the oil for too long or have been in the oven for an extended length of time, resulting in a bitter taste if they are served burnt.


If you get a donut that has frosting on top, it shouldn’t be too sweet. It should complement the flavor of the donut without being too overwhelming. Consider a few unique frostings as well as these often mean that the shop wants to offer the best items to its customers and isn’t afraid of a challenge.

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