From 22k Gold Bracelets to Diamond Earnings: What Will Suit You Best?

Finding your signature pieces when shopping for jewelry is the best way to get your money’s worth! If you’re unsure how to shop for your skin tone and personal style, continue reading for some great tips and tricks!

Silver Pieces

Silver has been said to look best on cooler skin types. Check your veins, If they look blueish in appearance then silver is your color.

22k Gold

Gold compliments warm skin tones best. Check your veins and if they look more green than blue, opt for gold jewelry as it will make you shine more so than silver.


If you wish to bring out your collarbones, opt for dramatic earrings and necklaces. These pieces are also fantastic for people with shorter hair. Pick out some studs if you wish to wear something simple. Golden drop earrings can also elevate a simple outfit.

Statement Jewelry

Bring out those thicker chains and bands when you want to make a statement. There’s nothing wrong with showing off your high quality pieces when the situation calls for it!


Rings are smaller and can be worn every day, so consider investing in a

22k gold

ring if you want to own something that’s easy to throw on. Gold rings can look stunning with any outfit as well. You can also purchase a wedding, engagement, or promise ring to wear every day if you’re in a committed relationship.


Bracelets are dainty and feminine. They also make great gifts for young adults or your significant other.

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