Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Loss And Hearing Aids In Allentown, PA

Many individuals, regardless of age, have a certain amount of hearing loss. Individuals who suspect they have hearing loss should schedule an appointment with a certified audiologist. After performing various hearing tests, the audiologist will be able to determine the patient’s degree of hearing loss. If necessary, an audiologist who specializes in Hearing Aids in Allentown PA may recommend this type of device for patients who are hearing impaired. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about visiting a specialist for hearing loss.

Q.) What can individuals expect when they visit an audiologist for hearing loss?

A.) Before administering a hearing test, the audiologist will speak to the individual about their hearing loss and discuss any circumstances that might have contributed to the hearing impairment. At this time, individuals should voice any questions or concerns they have about their hearing loss. It’s often helpful for individuals to bring a friend or a family member to the appointment for support.

Q.) What type of hearing test does an audiologist administer to check for hearing loss?

A.) For the audiometer test, an individual listens for different sounds in each ear while wearing headphones. The audiologist uses various sounds and tones during the test and modifies the softness and loudness of the tones. After a sound is played, the individual tells the audiologist if the sound was heard to the left or the right ear.

Q.) What are hearing options for individuals who have hearing loss?

A.) Hearing aids are the most popular choice, and individuals who have hearing loss can schedule an appointment with an audiologist who specializes in Hearing Aids in Allentown PA. When individuals wear a hearing aid, the device increases the volume of sounds that enter the ear. The audiologist programs the hearing device specifically for each patient based on the results of the hearing test. Surgical options for hearing loss include middle ear implants and cochlear implants.

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