Four Signs Your Loved One Might have an Addiction.

People take drugs for a variety of reasons. Some do it because of peer pressure, others grew up around drugs, and others are battling a mental disorder such as depression or anxiety. Whatever the reason, drugs are harmful to the human body and it’s important for every addicted person to have the opportunity to heal.

Recognizing the signs of addiction can go a long way in the recovery process. Here are four signs that your friend or loved one might have a drug addiction:

Someone with an addiction might lack the money to pay for basic living expenses, even if they have a job. This is because a significant amount of their wages are going toward funding their drug habit.

They are losing or gaining weight with no other explanation. People lose and gain weight for a lot of reasons, but it can also be due to a drug addiction. For example, someone with a cocaine addiction tends to eat less than they should.

They care less about important things. For example, a person who is a good student might stop caring about their grades due to drugs. If a person suddenly stops caring about things that once mattered to them, it could be an indication they might be on drugs.

They are more secretive. This goes beyond the normal human desire for privacy. If a person suddenly wants more privacy than normal or they are acting more secretive and distant, it could be related to a drug addiction.

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