Four Reasons Why Your Home in Brookfield, WI Needs a Screen Porch

Your home’s deck or patio is the center point of your outdoor living space. Not only is it the place where you can relax and enjoy the glorious summer weather, but it is also the place where you’ll barbecue with your friends and family. While the open air is wonderful during the spring and early summer, once the summer gets hot, you might want a screen porch. Let’s look at why screen porches in Brookfield, WI are a good idea.

Privacy and Protection from Insects

A screen porch will not only provide shade on the sunniest summer days, it will but also add privacy. Not only that, but a screen porch will also protect you, your family, and friends from biting insects such as mosquitoes. Not only are mosquitoes annoying, but they can also spread disease.

Expands Your Living Space

A screen porch can also extend your kitchen or living room. A screen porch can be made into a cohesive extension of your interior, increasing the functional space of your home. In the cool early months of the spring and fall, a screen porch can make your deck or patio more comfortable too, with an outdoor fireplace.

Can Be Styled to Suit Your Tastes

A screen porch can be designed to fit with any architectural style; from modern to rustic, a screen porch can be designed and built to fit in with any home.

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