Four Reasons Why Filmmakers Should Consider Using DCP Repackaging

Producing a digital camera package used to be difficult work. You used to have to go through a major movie studio to get your film into either a local theater, a theater chain or an international theater. However, times have now changed with the advent of DCP repackaging. Here are some of the benefits of this new development.

DCP Repackaging Is Truly a (Good) Sign of the Times

One of the most notable perks regarding DCP would be that there is now a trendy emphasis on independent films. DCP repackaging is a new approach to an old idea: instead of having to transport a bunch of old reels, you can now take your film production, encrypt it on a hard drive and show it on any screen that you like. This encryption is also top quality, protecting copyright claims and also not sacrificing the way the film is shown on the screen either.

DCP Is Widely Recognized and Accepted

Another positive about DCP is that it is essentially the equivalent of a 35mm film contribution. This is one of the main reasons why a DCP production is able to be offered in any theater all over the world.

DCP Is Easy to Transport

Another appealing thing about the DCP system is that it is easy to move from place to place. Instead of the large reels, the DCP simply consists of a briefcase that is usually either orange or yellow in color. The film then can be loaded into a server, and to play, you simply need to check and see that you have enough space.

Loading the DCP into the Server Is Fairly Easy

The content must be “ingested” into the server. The only trick to this is that you should keep a close eye on the content to make sure that it doesn’t stop 20 minutes in. For example, you wouldn’t want a two-hour narrative feature to stop with an hour and 40 minutes of film left to go.

DCP is a boon for aspiring filmmakers everywhere. For creative and technical motion picture services, contact Chromavision in New York or visit our website at

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