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When someone decides they need a lawyer, this means there is something significant happening in their life. The issue may be extremely serious, such as needing a criminal defense attorney or legal representation for a civil lawsuit after a serious injury. Proactive legal assistance may be needed to prepare will or handle other estate issues. Before signing a contract or lease, it can be helpful to have it reviewed by an experienced lawyer. Divorces and custody issues require legal consultation. There may not be many times in someone’s life when some legal muscle is needed but, if this is that time, it’s extremely important to choose an experienced attorney.

What Type of Lawyer do You Need?

Choosing a lawyer is similar to choosing a doctor. If you need surgery, you will seek an experienced surgeon, not a family doctor or an obstetrician.

  *      First, narrow the search to attorneys whose legal practice includes cases similar to yours.

  *      When speaking to an attorney for the first time, ask about the attorney’s experience with that type of case and the possible outcomes.

  *      How long does it usually take to resolve that sort of case? No ethical attorney can guarantee the outcome or time it will take, but should be able to make an experienced estimate based upon past cases.

Is a Large or Small Firm Better?

It depends on

  *      A small firm with only one attorney may charge less, but the attorney will not have the available resources an attorney in a larger firm enjoys.

  *      A complicated personal injury case, for example, could require an extensive investigation and expert opinions.

  *      A larger firm will have in-house legal assistance available if needed on a complex case.

How Will the Case be Billed?

Ask specific questions since each legal practice establishes their own billing criteria.

  *      What retainer is needed and will any monies not used be returned?

  *      Will charges be a percentage of any settlement, a flat fee, or billed by the hour or fraction of an hour?

  *      What expenses will be included?

The Wegmann Law Firm in Jefferson County MO has been focused on providing custom solutions and personal attention for individuals, businesses, school districts and municipal entities since 1947. The attorneys at Wegmann Law Firm in Jefferson County MO have successfully litigated cases as well as prevailed on appeals before both the Missouri appellate courts and the Missouri Supreme Court. Click Here to schedule an appointment.

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