Following the Advice of the Personal Injury Attorney in Puyallup

While the injured party is healing nicely, there is still the matter of dealing with all the medical and other expenses that result from the event. In order to seek damages from the responsible party, the individual has hired a local Personal Injury Attorney in Puyallup. Once the services of the attorney are retained, it helps if the client follows the advice of the legal counsel to the letter. Here are some of the things that the attorney will want the client to do.

Provide Complete Disclosure

Anything said or done that has relevance to the injury needs to be shared with the Personal Injury Attorney in Puyallup. Depending on the particulars of the case, there may be some hesitation to be so candid. The thing to remember is that anything the client chooses to withhold places the attorney at a disadvantage. That’s especially true when the other party will not hesitate to share that information and use it if possible.
Keep in mind that everything told to the attorney is held in the strictest confidence. That includes any information that may be personally embarrassing to the client. Unless it becomes necessary to use that information in securing a settlement or improving the odds of a judgment in favor of the client, it will remain between the attorney and the client.

Discuss the Case With No One

While the case is proceeding, the best thing to do is say as little about the situation as possible. Feel free to talk with others about how the physical therapy is going, what it feels like to not go to work every day, and how nice it will be when the whole matter is settled. Do not discuss particulars of the strategy with anyone other than the attorney. It’s too easy for remarks to be overheard or repeated to the wrong people and derail the entire case.

Remember that the attorney is on board to protect the interests of the client. That can best be managed when the client takes the advice of the attorney to heart and follows it to the letter. Listen closely and remain discreet. In the long run, things will move forward faster and without any complications.

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