Follow These Tips Before Calling a Truck Accident Lawyer in Greenbelt

Driving a large commercial vehicle can be very risky. Not only are 18-wheeled vehicles heavy and hard to handle, but there’s also an ever-present risk of a severe accident. Although many factors contribute to these accidents, sleepy driving is a well-known cause. Truckers often spend long hours on the road at times when they’d normally be asleep. If a person is injured by such a driver, a Truck Accident Lawyer in Greenbelt can help victims gain compensation for lost income, medical bills, and non-monetary damages. Below are several tips to lessen the risk and severity of trucking accidents.

How Passenger Car Drivers Can Reduce The Risk of an Accident

Large commercial vehicles require a longer stopping distance, and a passenger car can easily get lost in such a vehicle’s blind spot. These vehicles aren’t as nimble as smaller ones, and they can’t react as quickly to unexpected road hazards. These tips can help reduce the risk of accidents.

  *     Allow trucks to pass when they follow too closely

  *     Stay out of a truck’s blind spot

  *     Expect the driver of a large truck to enter the lane if they’re turning ahead

  *     Don’t abruptly change lanes or cut off a large truck

By following these tips, passenger car drivers can stay safer on the road and reduce their own liability for an accident that does occur.

How Truckers Can Prevent Drowsy Driving Accidents

According to information from the National Sleep Foundation, a sleepy driver is just as impaired as a drunk driver. Planning ahead can help drivers avoid drowsiness, and following these tips can help them prevent serious accidents.

  *     Eat well, as inadequate nutrition can decrease energy levels and lead to drowsiness

  *     Get the recommended six to eight hours of restful sleep per night

  *     Exercise to improve fitness and stamina

  *     Manage time well

  *     Avoid alcohol consumption, as it can cause drowsiness

  *     Schedule regular breaks, as they can help drivers avoid road fatigue

Trucking accidents can cause lifelong problems for drivers and victims, but a Truck Accident Lawyer in Greenbelt can help. If a case makes it to trial, the Jaklitsch Law Group can provide the resources and litigation experience to protect clients’ interests. Call today to set up a consultation or visit the site for more details.

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