Flame Resistant Pants for Maximum Protection

If you work around fire, flames, combustibles or any environment where there is a fire hazard, you have to have flame resistant pants if you want maximum protection. Many coveralls and other protective suits are great for environmental issues but are not flame resistant so you are only getting a fraction of the protection that you need.

FAQ About FR Pants

A lot of people are not really certain whether they need FR pants or not. These frequently asked questions may help you to decide if they are something that you need:

Q: What are FR pants?
A: These pants are made from a material that is self-extinguishing when ignited.

Q: Who uses these types of pants?
A: Anyone that is exposed to the potential of fire from arcing, dust combustion in factories, to people that work in any industry where electrically charged machinery is a risk. There are many industries like the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and others that require these pants as well.

Q: Are they required?
A: Some industries do require these garments, but many more should. OSHA sets the standards for what is considered safe attire for different industries. Check with guidelines for your specific industry.

Basically whether you choose to add FR pants to your work uniform is something that you can decide on your own. Most employers will not object if you choose to do so even if they are not a part of your assigned uniform.

Should You Be Wearing These Pants?

Do you work in an industry that deals with chemicals, the potential for a flash fire, hazardous flammable materials, arcing from machinery or any environment where there is an elevated risk of burns? If any of these hazards are present, the answer is yes. Why would you risk terrible burns to your legs when you do not have to? The more coverage with the right flame resistant materials, the better. You will fare far better in a workplace emergency. It is a small step to take to provide yourself with maximum protection in the case of a fire or accident.

Avoid Life Threatening Injuries

FR pants can easily save your life in the case of an accident at work. It is always far better to be fully prepared for anything that may come your way than it is to risk life threatening injuries because you did not wear the right pants. Protect yourself at work with FR pants.

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