Fix That Wet Basement With Armored Basement Waterproofing LLC In Baltimore

Basements represent lots of usable space for families to expand into. But, this is only if they are structurally sound and dry. No one wants to spend time in a room that smells damp and musty. No one wants to take a chance on that mold being harmless. Homeowners can fix dampness and water leakage problems with Armored Basement Waterproofing LLC in Baltimore. Once a basement area is dry and structurally sound, it can be used for home entertainment, storage, a home office, or a child’s bedroom.

How can a wet basement be made dry and useful? The needs of every basement are different. A qualified waterproofing company will inspect the basement and suggest a plan of action. This plan may include something as easy as a coat of waterproofing paint or as complicated as a subfloor pressure relief system. Sometimes, the culprit will be improper grading of the lot the home sits on. When outside conditions cause water problems, they must be remedied by correcting the grade, repairing or installing new gutters and a roof drainage system, digging out around exterior walls to install a drain system and a waterproofing membrane, or other necessary steps.

When the wet basement is caused by water pressure from below, Armored Basement Waterproofing LLC in Baltimore has a solution. This wet basement problem is caused by rising groundwater levels from storms or other factors. In this case, the water pressure is directed toward the basement walls and floor until it finds a way in. This problem can be treated by the installation of a subfloor water pressure relief system that consists of a subfloor channel to direct water to one or more sump pumps that move the water out of the basement. The walls may have a waterproof wall liner installed for further protection. The trench holds the channel and is concreted over and a vinyl wall cove plate is installed to further direct water to the system. When the system installation is completed, no one will know it is there, but the basement will be dry and usable. For complete details, Click Here.

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