Fireplace Gas inserts Provide Natural Heat And Warmth

by | Apr 25, 2016 | Fireplace Store

Gas fireplaces provides warm and efficient heat during the cold winter months. They provide a wonderful heating option for people who do not have a chimney or who want a cleaner burning heat source. When you are ready to purchase a new heating source it is important to find the best fireplace gas insert that will meet your needs.

Types of Gas Fireplaces

There are three different type of gas fireplaces that can be purchased. You will want to do some research on each one before deciding which is best for you.

 * Gas Insert Fireplaces – a fireplace with a gas insert is perfect for anyone who wants to get an efficient and long lasting burn.

 * Built-In Fireplaces – this type of stove can fit into a home that does not currently have a fireplace or woodstove.

 * Log Setting Fireplaces – this option provides people that already have an existing fireplace with a better way to heat their homes and add ambiance to their room.

Type of Fuel That Can Be Burned

A fireplace with gas inserts can burn either natural gas or propane. The type of gas burned will be up to the homeowner. Natural gas does tend to be a bit less expensive and also produces slightly more heat than propane does.

Why Gas Fireplaces Are So Popular

One of the things that people appreciate the most about gas fireplaces is how easy they are to use. They provide a quick and simple heat source at just the touch of a button. There are many other things that people appreciate about gas inserts including how clean they are, the freedom to put their fire on a timer, no overnight fire tending or cold morning when the fire died and no ashes or residue in the air from the fire. People who have breathing difficulties, allergies or who are immunocompromised also appreciate that gas fireplaces do not put off any smoke into the room.

Things to Look for When Purchasing a Gas Fireplace

When buying a stove there are a few things that you can get that will enhance your fireplace and add more convenience and comfort to your unit. An option to adjust the variable flame height will allow you to decide exactly how big you want your fire to be, from a small flicker to a giant roaring fire. A thermostat control will allow you to adjust the heat output to create any temperature that you desire. Many people also chose to get an electronic ignition to eliminate the need of a pilot light and make starting their fire even easier.

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