Finding The Right Podiatrist For Joint Pain

Reduced motion and a less enjoyable life are two ways in which joint pain can affect you. A number of soft-tissue injuries can contribute to joint pain, such as bursitis and tendonitis. However, it can also be caused or aggravated by exercise, diet and bad habits. Discomfort should not be ignored, because failure to get assistance from a professional podiatrist will delay the diagnosis and treatment. While some problems might be minor, others may require surgery, therefore it’s vital that you take the appropriate step to track down a competent podiatrist.

Browse the Web

The Internet is one of the most useful resources for locating podiatrists around Australia, because the World Wide Web will generate results that enable you to find a skilled chiropodist. Some good resources include the Podiatry Board of Australia, Australian Podiatry Association QLD, and Australian and New Zealand Podiatry Accreditation Council. Unless the podiatrist is registered to do the job, refrain from working with them. Being a member of an association or organisation demonstrates professionalism.

Training and Education

The podiatrist you work with should have trained for at least four years to become a registered and qualified podiatrist. Types of training will vary but ideally, the podiatrist will be able to deal with joint pain, as well as rear foot, mid foot and fore foot pain. Some conditions he or she will be confident treating include tarsal tunnel syndrome, stress fractures, mid foot pain and degeneration, peroneal tendinopathy, and mortons neuromas. Avoid meeting with a podiatrist who has not got a Bachelor of Podiatry. Education obtained should be at post-graduate, Masters and PhD level. Get in touch with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) if you are not sure whether or not the podiatrist maintains the correct level of education for the job.

Services Offered By a Podiatrist

Before you find out what services are offered by the podiatrist, make sure he or she took the time to diagnose the problem and explain the diagnosis, before answering questions. Don’t make any final decisions until you are sure that the chiropodist can offer arthritic pain assessment and treatment, corn removal, bunion assessment and treatment, skin and nail fungal treatment, lower limb injury rehabilitation, wart removal, and myofascial trigger point therapy. These are just a few examples of common podiatrist services.

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