Finding the Right Attorney for my Social Security Case

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Lawyer

When you are looking to gain social security disability benefits, or entering an appeals process, or are just dealing with the SSA in a more general way, it is important to be represented by a knowledgeable attorney. If you want to find the perfect North Carolina social security disability lawyer, you need to understand the extent of how a lawyer can assist you. Overall, there are 4 key areas you should be considering before hiring an attorney.

1. Their Availability

Depending on the size of an attorney’s law firm, they may spend a good deal of individual time with you, or their time with you may be very minimal. If you want an attorney who is going to be available to answer questions frequently, you need to go with a law firm that can accommodate that need. However, those who just care about pure results may be fine with a larger law firm.

2. Their Speciality

While disability attorneys are likely to understand the ins and outs of most social security law, there will still exist lawyers who have a specialty in your specific area of need. To guarantee the best results, search for an attorney who fits your individual needs.

3. Their Personality

Even if you are only spending brief periods of time with your social security disability attorney, these moments are likely to be stressful. If you want a good experience, finding a lawyer who understands that stress, and who is highly personable, is highly recommended. This way, you can approach the sometimes complicated and frustrating SSA process with more confidence and motivation.

4. Their Connections

When an attorney is dealing with the SSA, it helps to have had some prior face time with them. To ensure your case is likely to succeed, always go with a law firm that has a history of dealing with the SSA branch you are dealing with.

Ready to start gaining the benefits you need? At Clauson Law Firm, PLLC, we are dedicated to helping clients lead a comfortable life with their disability. If you are ready to learn what we can do for you, please contact us at your convenience to set up a free consultation.

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