Finding The Best VW Repair Shop

by | Sep 6, 2017 | Auto Parts Store

When it comes to having work performed on your car there is something that you need to understand; there are differences between routine maintenance and repair. Maintenance items are normally contained in the owner’s manual that comes with the car; maintenance is primarily intended to keep your car running at its best. Volkswagen repair in Chicago, on the other hand, is work that is performed to rectify a specific problem. The facility that you use may very well depend on whether your car needs routine maintenance performed or a specific issue attended to.

Scheduled maintenance:

When it comes to maintenance items, you can take your car to any dealership or any independent auto shop. There is no need to be concerned about invalidating the warranty that is left; Federal law gives you the right to choose where you want to take your car. If you decide to use the dealer the mechanics will have been specifically trained, and the service facility will be outfitted with any special tools, but you can expect to pay more than you would if you were to take your car to an independent garage. As maintenance items are straight forward, any competent independent can do the work and do it well.


Repairs can be something as simple as replacing the brake pads to a complete engine overhaul. If your car is still under warranty, it makes sense to go to the dealer. If the car is no longer under warranty a reputable shop that focuses on Volkswagen repair in Chicago will be able to handle any and all repairs, no matter how complex they may be. Repair shops that specialize in VW repair will be equipped with the same sophisticated equipment as a dealer, and the technicians will have had training.

When looking for the best repair shop look for one that is ASE certified and specializes in Volkswagens and other sophisticated imported vehicles.

If you are looking for an established shop specializing in Volkswagen repair in Chicago you are invited to visit Chicago Motors Auto Service.

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