Finding Lamp Socket Replacement Parts

With lamps, people generally consider one part as being replaceable. This is the bulb. However, those who work with lamps understand the different possibilities when it comes to this action. They know about plugs and other components. They certainly are aware of the need to know a source of lamp socket replacement parts.

Lamp Replacement Parts

Knowing where to obtain lamp replacement parts is essential for those who deal with lighting systems. This includes lighting dealers and various retail and industrial businesses. Professional lighting restoration companies, lamp repair services, and custom lighting designers are particularly interested in having access to a variety of different lamp parts. These include various types of bulbs as well as stands, ballasts, attachment plugs, switches, wire cords, and lamp sockets.

Lamp socket replacement parts are available in different sizes and diverse materials. Depending upon preference and specifications, sockets may be chosen composed of porcelain, brass or nickel. Bakelite is a common demand for older lamps.

Also available to help with size adjustment are socket adapters. These are for adjusting for size reduction or increase for light sockets. They do not affect the amplitude of the light. They only allow for an adjustment in light bulb socket size.

Finding Lamp Socket Replacement Parts

Whether you are a designer or an antique repairer, looking for a supplier is not difficult; finding the right provider is not so easy. It requires research. You cannot locate someone who can meet your demands and exceed your expectations unless you are thorough.

Be prepared to go beyond onsite references. Check into the company’s reputation for timely delivery, quality items, and product guarantees. You can choose to go with someone who specializes in a specific type, e.g. fluorescent or LED, or is a generalist. The important thing is to select someone who is responsive to your emails and instructions, meets his/her commitments and can supply you with lamp socket replacement parts at an affordable price.

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