Finding Dental Offices For Sale In San Francisco Bay Area

In California, dental professionals review real opportunities for a new practice. When considering a move, the dental professional must compare the potential earnings for a new property to their current profits. The purpose of moving is often an increase in profitability. A local broker offers assistance for dental professionals who want to review dental office for sale in San Francisco Bay Area.

The Location of the Dental Offices

The location of the new dental office determines the volume of patients who will use the service. The dentist reviews the population of the new location and evaluates the potential demands for dental services. The location establishes the potential profits based on these factors. The broker helps the dental professional assess several locations to find the best opportunity.

The Market Value of the Property

The market value of the property is determined by recent practice sales. The broker conducts a market analysis to determine what that value is. The analysis shows a range of prices based on the selling price of properties that are the same size as the dental practices selected. This gives the new buyer a potential resell value if they choose to sell in the future.

Earning Potential for the Practice

The existing patients and their dental files define the practice’s earning potential. The current dental practice owner provides financial statements for the practice. This provides data for the profits and expenses for the last few years.

Purchasing the Practice

The broker introduces available commercial loan products to the potential buyers. The buyer evaluates their options and determines what product is best for them. They will need a plan for the practice when acquiring financing. The broker can help the dental professional with the plan based on details provided by the current owner.

In California, dental professionals seek new opportunities when reviewing a new location. A change of scenery can provide them with higher profitability and a real opportunity to serve local patients. This can help the dental professional get more out of their career. Dental professionals who want to review dental offices for sale in San Francisco Bay Area can contact Western Practice Sales for more information.

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