Finding a Chicago Mobile Vet

Have you ever used a mobile vet? These vets can do everything that a veterinary clinic can do, as well as house calls. Mobile vets save you time and energy, and if your pets get stressed out from car drives or cages, then you can stay at home and let your pets relax with a Chicago mobile vet. One big difference is also how many animals are seen at once. With a mobile vet, you get more attention and personalized care.

Personalized Vet Care
Vet clinics see several pets at once, whereas a mobile vet sees far less and spends more time with pets. Vets can spend a lot more time with each patient, providing check-ups and medications, as well as vaccinations. There are some mobile vets that can even neuter pets.

How Do Mobile Vets Work
Mobile clinics offer the opportunity to treat animals where they are most comfortable. This results in comprehensive care. Doctors can also get a full view of who your pet is and treat illnesses that may be related to allergies from the environment around them.

There are a wide array of home services available with mobile vets as well including physical exams, blood work, x-rays, behavioral counseling, and consultations for nutrition. If you have other issues with senior health, allergies, diabetes management, or pregnancy, a mobile vet is readily available to come to your home when your pet is in need.

The ability to see a pet behaving in its environment is crucial for treatment. Vets can see how a pet eats and interacts with people and other animals in the house. If you want to get a Chicago mobile vet, then one of the best vets to call is Village West Veterinary. You can see their services and schedule a consultation on their website. Like us on our facebook page.

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