Find the Best Islamic Wedding Invitation Card With These Three Steps

So you are marrying the man of your dreams and he is a Muslim. You converted to his faith so you can get married, and now you are busy preparing for your wedding. Preparations include wedding dresses, the honeymoon, purchasing souvenirs and sending out your wedding invitation cards. Wedding invitations have symbols, writings, or icons that represent the marrying couple and their beliefs. Before you choose and send your Islamic wedding invitation cards, read these guidelines first to ensure you follow all religious rules and to ensure you satisfy everyone’s needs.

Check for Symbols

A Muslim invitation card for a wedding must have the symbol of Allah. It means sacredness and divinity of marriage. Another symbol to check is the star and the crescent moon. This symbol represents faith in Allah. Lastly, check for the Bismillah symbol. The Bismillah symbol represents the spirit of the Holy Quran, the Islamic Bible.

Choose the Color of Your Invitation Card Wisely

There are four popular colors for Islamic wedding invitations. These are green, cream, red, and gold. It doesn’t mean that the invitation is in pure red or gold. Just make sure that your invitation card has shades of any of these colors.

Card Design and Material Used

Muslims are known for their grace and elegance. Hence, their designer wedding invitation cards should represent grace and elegance throughout its design. This includes the material it is made of. Their invitation cards are mostly made of silk, velvet, metallic paper, or satin.

Designs: floral patterns and peacock motifs are the most popular

If you are going to order Islamic wedding invitation cards for your wedding, ask for samples. You should also ask if you can add some of your preferred styles or designs. For options when it comes to Muslim wedding invitation cards, see what Regal Cards offers or visit the company’s website at

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