Find a Magnificent Smile with Teeth Whitening in Kelowna

One’s smile serves as an introduction to the world, so that smile should impress. Over time, teeth stain and can make a person self-conscious about flashing a grin. With teeth whitening in Kelowna, a person can renew his or her confidence and relish showing the world his or her smile.

In terms of options, many exist in matters of teeth whitening, but all can be broken down into one main decision: products purchased from a store or products used in one’s dentist’s office. Over the counter options consists of toothpastes, rinses, gels, and strips. Whitening toothpastes generally work with an abrasive like a regular toothpaste, with an added whitening agent, such as hydrogen peroxide. With regular use, these pastes may whiten teeth by as much as one shade. Rinses, like pastes, use hydrogen peroxide as its active agent. They require one to rinse for one minute prior to brushing twice daily, and they may take as long as twelve weeks to show results. Gels and strips work similarly. The ingredients are basically the same; the difference falls in the application method. With whitening gel, one uses a brush to directly apply the gel, but with strips, the gel lines the strip which is placed onto the teeth. Both products should be used for thirty minutes, two times a day, for fourteen days. All of these over the counter products will whiten teeth over time.

The other option for teeth whitening in Kelowna is to visit the dentist. This option will cost more, but it will work better and faster. Dentists use a bleaching agent rather than peroxide, which is more effective, but may irritate the gum more. After one visit, results are obvious. In-office treatment can whiten between three and eight shades lighter. Depending on the level of staining, one may need to return for further whitening. Another benefit of in-office whitening is the added protection of the dentist’s experience and the protection to the gum that the dentist will provide. During the visit, the dentist will ensure teeth whitening is an appropriate option for the individual. Then the teeth will be cleaned and polished, followed by an application of the bleaching agent which will remain on the teeth from thirty minutes to one hour.

One who desires whiter teeth has many options. The option they choose will find its basis in the person’s priorities: effectiveness and time, or cost. For more information visit Glenmore Dental.

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