FEMA 361 Doors: Purpose And Rationale

by | Nov 3, 2015 | Security, Security System Supplier

If you live in a dangerous weather zone, the chances increase substantially that you, your staff and family may be caught in it. Whether this is a tornado or hurricane, you need somewhere safe. You need a place where the extreme winds can howl around and not through. You need a place protected to the maximum by FEMA approved construction methods and materials including FEMA 361 doors.

What are FEMA 361 Doors?

In July 2000, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), released the first edition of FEMA P-361. This first edition provided specific guidelines on the best practices required to design, construct and even operate a FEMA approved safe room. Among the requirements to make a safe room for a commercial enterprise or a residence capable of withstanding projectiles and extreme winds of tornadoes and hurricanes was the installment of FEMA 361 doors and the desired and required assortment of locks, bars and hinges.

What are They Made From?

Tests conducted under certain conditions indicated that wood was not a material to be used for the construction of FEMA 361 doors. The material decided upon as being the most effective in extreme weather conditions of this nature was steel. Nevertheless, it cannot be a standard steel. Even heavy gauge standard steel doors cannot be used to replace the requirements clearly provided in FEMA P-361. The doors must be made from heavy gauge steel that met or even exceeded the ICC 500 testing. This includes the capability of being able to withstand a minimum of 250mph winds as well as being able to resist the impact of missiles and other projectiles that are found during hurricane and tornado conditions.

What Do FEMA 361 Doors Do?

The main purpose of FEMA 361 doors is simple. They are to provide you, your family, friends, employees and patrons with a form of strong protection against the hazardous manifestations of nature. The type of protection provided by such shelters and doors is referred to as “near-absolute protection.” This indicates that the defense against tornadoes and other extreme weather of this type provided by such safe rooms and shelters is as ideal as can currently be produced.

Near absolute protection indicates that, based on the current assessment and analysis of the natural forces, FEMA 361 doors and the rest of the correctly designed and constructed shelters will be able to provide everyone inside them with protection against injury, severe injury and death. The protection rendered is considered near absolute.

Choosing FEMA 361 Doors

If you decide to construct a safe room at home or as part of your commercial enterprise, be sure all aspects comply with the specific and latest requirements established by FEMA. From the thickness of walls, to the selection of components, be sure that everything complies. It is not enough to have FEMA 361 doors is all the other aspects are blown away in the wind.

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