Feel Attractive During Chemotherapy | Wigs, Scarves, and Chemo Beanies

For most women, having healthy, shiny and gorgeous hair is something of a life-long project. Hair holds all the possibilities – from haircuts to color, from berets to complicated up-dos. It is without a doubt an important part of woman’s identity.

Needless to say, losing one’s hair due to cancer treatment can be very heartbreaking. Not only does a woman have to deal with a life-threatening condition, but she also risks losing a part of herself in order to get better. Fortunately, for strong women out there battling cancer, there are ways that you can remain fashionable all while fighting the dreaded C.

Bald Can Be Attractive

Media has always had a sway in what society deems attractive. For as long as there has been mass production and dissemination, lush, shiny and thick hair has been the gold standard. However, not having hair should not be equated with being ugly or unattractive. For many, battling cancer and having a balding head as proof is a testament to your courage and strength. Rest assured; nothing is more interesting and wonderful than a strong and brave woman.

Scarves, Chemo Beanies, Wigs – Indulge in Accessories

Cancer is a terrible disease. The treatment is long and arduous – it takes a toll on a person’s body and soul. However, getting cancer treatment can also be an opportunity to explore and be creative. That balding head is the perfect canvas for everything that you have wanted to experiment with. There are vast varieties of wigs, chemo beanies and scarves for you to choose from. There is no undermining the brunt and stress of cancer, however, the seriousness of the disease would not be undermined if you decide to have fun and buy a few cute chemo beanies for your wardrobe.

Hair Shouldn’t Define Your Beauty

Cancer can be the perfect wake-up call for people. For women, it is probably the best time to junk society’s imposition on what beauty means. No one needs to be concerned about what society says about outward beauty during this difficult time in life. Hence, this is the perfect time to experiment and buy that quirky chemo beanie you so desired.

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