FAQs About Teeth Care In Trumbull, CT

In Connecticut, patients who need to acquire complex treatments and aesthetic options generally visit a cosmetic dental professional. The services are used to improve the way the teeth look and eliminate common issues that can hinder the patient’s appearance. A local dentist provides answers to frequently asked questions about Teeth Care in Trumbull CT.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a procedure where the dentist uses a peroxide solution to remove stubborn stains from the patient’s teeth. The dentist coats the teeth with the peroxide solution and then apply an ultraviolet light to the teeth to increase the whitening effects. The treatment is beneficial for patients who smoke and drink red wine but is not suited for patients that have complex tooth damage.

How Do Veneers Help Patients?

Veneers are thin plastic devices that are bonded to the outside of the tooth enamel, and they cover up the most severe stains. The devices are also used to reshape the teeth and are beneficial for patients who have a slight alignment issue. The dentist will create an indention in the tooth enamel and bond the veneer to the tooth.

Who Can Acquire Dental Implants?

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth, and new implant solutions can replace multiple teeth at once. The dental implants are suitable for patients with strong jawbones, as they are installed in the jawbone securely. Patients who have weakened jawbones will require bone grafts before they can acquire the implants.

Are All Cosmetic Treatments Covered by Dental Insurance?

No, most cosmetic dental treatments are classified as elective procedures and are not covered by major dental coverage. The patient should contact their insurer and determine which treatments are considered medically necessary and acquire any form of coverage.

In Connecticut, patients undergo cosmetic procedures to correct aesthetic issues and improve the way their smiles look. The procedures can create a whiter and brighter smile for most patients, and they address common concerns such as stains. Patients who want to acquire Teeth Care in Trumbull CT from a cosmetic dentist can contact commerce Park Cosmetic Dentistry LLC and schedule an appointment right now.

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