FAQs About Personal Injury Cases That a Product Liability Lawyer in New London, CT Can Answer

In Connecticut, all consumers have the legal right to hold manufacturers to a higher standard. Federal laws prohibit the release of any product that presents high risks to consumers. The manufacturer is required by law to identify any potential risks through warning labels and instructions. The following are FAQs about personal injury cases that a Product Liability Lawyer in New London CT can answer.

Is There a Limit As to What Products Are Identified in These Cases?

No, there is no limit for what products are identified in a personal injury case. However, the victim must be the individual who used the product and must purchase the product according to local laws. For example, if the product is any kind of medication that requires a prescription, a victim cannot sue if they were not prescribed the medication themselves.

Who Is the Defendant in These Cases?

Initially, the defendant is the manufacturer. However, contracted workers who designed or created the product can also be held at fault for any injuries caused by the use of their products. The attorney reviews the chain of custody and who created the product to identify any fault in these cases.

Why Is the Original Product Purchased Required?

The original product is needed to rule out any flaws associated with the product itself. If other models of the product aren’t defective or share the same flaws, then the manufacturer is responsible for this original product only.

When Is the Consumer Rights Protection Agency Necessary?

This agency is contacted typically after multiple injuries associated with the same product are reported to the court. The agency conducts a product recall to examine the product, and they can also enforce penalties and monetary awards if high risks are discovered.

In Connecticut, all consumers have the legal right to safe products. These rights address any risks found that could lead to consumer injuries. All victims of these events have the right to file a legal claim if they are injured. Victims who need help can contact a product liability lawyer in New London, CT through Stephen M. Reck or click here for additional assistance.

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