FAQs About Dog Attacks That Can Be Answered by a Personal Injury Lawyer in Manhattan, KS

In Kansas, all dog owners must follow necessary steps to mitigate risks associated with their pets. These steps are outlined in local laws pertaining to dogs. They may provide more extensive measures if the dog is classified as a dangerous breed. The following are FAQs about dog attacks that can be answered by a personal injury lawyer in Manhattan, KS.

How Are These Attacks Reported?

The victim has two options for reporting the attack: they can contact animal control officers for their county, or they can provide their doctor with details about the animal. All doctors are required by law to report any animal attacks that have produced injuries. The officer will notify the pet owner about the attack. The owner must surrender these animals to a licensed vet for quarantine in some cases.

What Conditions Could Prevent an Award?

If the victim committed any criminal act before they were attacked, they may not be able to acquire a monetary award for their injuries. Criminal acts that are most commonly associated with these events are trespassing, home invasions, and animal cruelty.

How Do Strict Liabilities Play Out in These Cases?

Strict liability is introduced when the dog has a history of attacks that identify them as a risk to the public. These conditions require the pet owner to take all medical costs as well as provide additional funds for pain and suffering. Once the strict liability is proven, the pet owner is liable for the attack.

What Happens to the Dog?

If the dog is identified as a risk to the public, the pet owner is required by law to surrender the animal to the animal control officer. They may take two different actions in these proceedings. They can find a more suitable place for the animal to prevent more attacks, or they can euthanize the animal.

In Kansas, all dog owners must comply with local dog laws. These laws may enforce leash laws inside the city limits. However, animal owners in more rural areas are also required to maintain their dogs and mitigate risks. Victims of these attacks should contact a personal injury lawyer in Manhattan, KS through Oleen Law Firm or Visit website right now.

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