Factors Affecting Child Custody and Visitation

by | May 27, 2016 | Law

As it’ll come to child custody, there will include some fairly standard factors which a court will look at while determining the child support and nature of custody arrangements. Below are some things a court is going to be looking at while determining custody arrangements.

Parents’ Wishes

The court takes into consideration the wishes of both parents. Of course, as that becomes an issue is when both parents desire full custody, or haven’t agreed upon terms. Then, it’s up to a court to determine what’s better for the kids based on the additional factors they take under consideration.

Children’s Wishes

Even though the court doesn’t place as much weight upon what the youngster wants as what both parents do, or what the referrals of social workers or other professionals are, the court takes into account a child’s wishes.

Physical and Mental Health of Parent and Children

If one spouse is physically disabled and is going to have a more difficult time taking care of the kids, it’s something the court is going to look at.

Parent’s Living Accommodations and Capability of Providing for the Child

The court always will take into account the parents capability of providing for the child while deciding child support and custody.

How much of an Adjustment is needed

Divorce obviously is going to cause a few adjustments to be made; however, the court will want to make as little of an impact upon a child’s life as they can.

Allegations and Actual Cases of Neglect or Abuse

The court won’t just consider any actual cases of neglect or abuse as it’ll come to awarding custody, yet they’ll also consider allegations of abuse or neglect.

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