Eyelash Extensions are Convenient and Cost Effective

Are your eyelashes thin, or even to the point where they are nonexistent? Are you often experiencing discomfort in your eyes from dirt and debris? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may want to consider receiving eyelash extensions. Grand Rapids is home to providers of these extensions which can also help protect your eyes from extra dirt entering and causing irritation.

Besides the benefit of keeping dirt and debris out of your eyes, extensions have a variety of benefits that makes the enhancement practical.

 * Eyelash extensions will save you money in the long run. Continually buying expensive mascara every month adds up, and that is not even including other makeup purchases you make. Also, mascara has an expiration date, despite the fact that you may still have half a tube left, leaving you with clumpy eyelashes and wasted money. These extensions take one less purchase out of your monthly routine.
 * Along with spending money, the use of mascara with eyelash curlers can be potentially dangerous. There are too many stories about women accidently pulling on the curler and hurting their eyes, or even losing their eyelashes. Extensions eliminate the need for eyelash curlers, making it safer for your eyes.
 * It is very easy to smudge mascara. As soon as you get an itchy eye and forget that you have makeup on, you are dealing with smudged makeup and no way to fix it. Eyelash extensions eliminate the possibility of you smudging your mascara, keeping your eyes looking clean.

How Does It Work?
Eyelash extensions are achieved simply by placing a serum on your eyelashes each night. By applying the product at night your eyelashes have the opportunity to absorb the serum, and your eyes will be less irritated. There are simple steps to follow to ensure the serum is used to its fullest potential. First, make sure your face is clean and makeup free. Second, using a sterile applicator, apply the serum to your eyelashes, making sure to avoid the inside of your eye, as well as your bottom lashes. Make sure you use the product as directed to make sure you receive maximum results.

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