Eye Doctor in Wichita, KS for the Treatment of Ocular Disorders

An eye doctor in Wichita, KS can treat and cure all kinds of ocular disorders. Ocular disorders can be painful and interfere with clear vision. Ocular disorders come from many different sources. Blepharospasm, a neurological eye condition, causes uncontrollable eyelid closure. It’s a forcible muscle contraction with symptoms of constant blinking and twitching of the eyelids. This condition can be very disruptive to a person’s life, but there is a treatment for it. There is no known cure for the problem, but neurotoxin injections are the best form of treatment. These injections relax the muscles in the face and significantly reduces uncontrolled muscle spasms. The injections create a mild form of paralysis in the face, so involuntary movements cease.

Cataracts is a common eye condition that is caused by a build up of protein on the lens of the eye. It’s a problem that is associated with aging. An Eye Doctor in Wichita KS can cure cataracts with surgery. Cataracts can begin to develop as early at 40, but symptoms usually don’t manifest for fifteen to twenty years later. Cataract surgery is only necessary when it affects vision on a daily basis. Clear vision can be managed with prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses designed for cataracts. Sunglasses should be worn outside during the day to offset sensitivity to light.

Diabetes can affect vision too. Since diabetes is an epidemic, many people have and are at risk for diabetic retinopathy. The medical eye disorder is caused by damaged blood vessels in the back of the retina. The blood vessels inside light-sensitive tissue are affected by it. It can start with minor vision problems, but has the potential to lead to blindness. Treatment is most effective when the condition is found in the earliest stages. An eye doctor needs to know how severe it is to administer the right type of treatment. Most treatment mechanisms are designed to stop the progression of diabetic retinopathy. Advanced stages of the condition can be palliated with focal laser treatment. This form of treatment slows the leakage of fluids and blood in the eye. Leaking from abnormal blood vessels get treated by laser burns. It stops retinopathy from advancing to blindness. Visit the website Grenevisiongroup.com to learn about other eye disorders and the types of treatment for them.

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