External Hard Drive Recovery Basics

Using an external hard drive is a smart and savvy way to be able to store and access data on any device. It is also a very secure option and can be easily connected as needed using a USB cable or Firewire connectivity, with some designs and models offering both.

There are many different options in external hard drives from small, compact and easy to carry zip drives to o much larger external drives that can be used for network and system backups and storage.

As with an internal hard drive, mechanical or physical component failure, as well as software failure, can occur. Both of these issues may result in the need for some form of external hard drive recovery.

The Software Solution

One factor that many people don’t realize with external hard drive recovery options is that leaving the drive attached to a device will continue to destroy data. This is because the system will read and continually write over the drive, so start by immediately shutting down the system.

Generally, experts in external hard drive recovery recommend making a clone of the drive, which can be complicated but protects the original drive and data. Then, using software, scan the clone and attempt to recover the data.

Mechanical Issues

There are several components of a large size of the external hard drive that can cause a problem. This includes the platters, the thin disks that are the actual storage, the PCB or circuit board or the read and writes head. Firmware problems can also create an issue as can fuse problems or board failures.

In these cases, or if cloning the drive isn’t working or is too difficult, professionals services can recover data from an external drive. These services will examine the drive, quote a price and complete the recovery. Also, some of these companies will also tell you the cause of the failure, which is always helpful to know when choosing a replacement.

Let the recovery experts at WeRecoverData.com help you with external hard drive recovery. To find out more or to learn about our data recovery process, see us online at www.werecoverdata.com.

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