Explore Single or Small Laser Cutting in Kent, WA

Most Laser Cutting Kent WA is done in manufacturing plants or factories that focus on large productions. The machinery is expensive, delicate, and precise. Precautions have to be taken for safety, ventilation, and excessive heat. Secondary cleanup is needed to remove debris, scrap material pieces, and burned edges. There are a few places that provide cutting services for single projects and small jobs, such as Specialty Metals, for example. They also supply a wide variety of raw materials. Laser cutting utilizes a computer to direct a high-power laser that cuts through materials. Some materials melt, others burn, vaporize, or have pieces removed with a jet of gas.

The cut of the laser is precise, and the result is a high-quality surface finish that requires no sanding or cleaning. That makes it perfect for logos, decorative applications, signage, small parts for electronics, and many other jobs. The laser can cut all types of materials in various formats. It can be used with piping, structural shapes, and flat sheet materials. It does have a limited capability for thickness. The thickest steel, for example, that can be laser cut is one inch. Raw materials that are available for Laser Cutting Kent WA include carbon and stainless steel, copper roofing, brass, aluminum, nickel, plastics, building materials, titanium, alloys, grating, and valves and fittings. Rare metals can be sourced if a customer prefers something exotic or unique.

Artwork, logos, or pattern designs can be emailed to the company via CAD and Image files. Templates, such as wood, plastic, and cardboard can be used, but will have to be entered into the software. Digital pictures, three-dimensional drawings, or tracings can also be used. Customers can Browse the website for formats needed, pricing, and a complete list of materials available. In addition to laser cutting, plasma and waterjet cutting services are also offered. Press brake dies, shearing, CAD resources, and Amada plate saw services are also within the capacity of the company. Same day services are available for many single and small jobs. Large orders and productions are also handled quickly and cost-effectively. When a project needs to be created from the very beginning with raw materials and taken to completion in a timely manner, laser and waterjet cutting processes can get the job done. Visit Specialty Metals for more information.

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