Expert Added Services and Commercial Supplies in Portland OR

Experienced wholesale supply companies offer much more than just products. They provide selection assistance to help businesses navigate through an extensive variety of products and manufacturers. Providing education regarding new products and the latest techniques is another added services.

Professionals who deal in products for specific industries allows them to become experts. One company that provides Commercial Supplies in Portland OR has been in business for one-hundred years. Commercial construction, marine repair, aerospace, and industrial manufacturing are specialties.

The company also works with contractors, waterproofing consultants, and architects to help them save time and money. They assist with estimating the cost of materials for projects. That means estimates for their customers are accurate, and bids submitted are based on the current pricing for essential materials.


The products are organized into categories to save time for business owners who Visit the Site. Categories include weather resistant barriers, fire protection, coatings, sealants and adhesives, along with many more. Complete catalogs are also available for download, or via printed copy upon request. The online education center and product selector guides are also available on the website.

MSDS Sheets

Customers can also request material safety data sheets (MSDS) information for every product purchased. Many oversight agencies have regulations that require MSDS sheets to be on the premises for certain chemicals and substances. The sheets provide reference information in case of an accident, a spill, or ingestion

If the chemical splashes and gets into the eyes of an employee, for example, the sheet will have immediate actions to take to avoid permanent injury, if that is possible. Cleaning up spills, warnings regarding using the substance with other compounds, and a complete list of ingredients are also included on the sheets. There are high fines for not having these sheets available during an inspection.

Technical Specifications

This information is vital to selecting parts, panels, and other materials for a project. Precise information reduces overhead costs, eliminates waste, and ensures workers have everything they need to complete a project on time and within budget.

Material warranty information and LEED certification of products is available as well. Business owners can call the company that sells Commercial Supplies in Portland OR and double check the information on any product if there are questions on-site for a project.

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