Excavation in Branford, CT Should be the First Step

Creating a court for tennis or basketball requires a great deal of precision in order for everything to come together. When the ground is uneven or needs large rocks removed, Excavation in Branford CT, should be the first step in preparing the surface. Proper installation will ensure that the finished court will have a smooth, level playing field that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

When putting in a tennis or basketball court, one of the main things that needs to be done is grading the surface correctly. This will provide a uniform surface upon completion. During Excavation in Branford CT, it’s also necessary to create a properly sloped court so that it will drain without puddling. This same principle for grading can be applied to driveways that need to be resurfaced, or newly installed, as well as parking lots and other paved areas.

A company such as Atwater Paving has years of experience serving both residential and commercial customers with all of their excavation and paving needs. Their professional technicians will assess the area that will be used, and design a surface that will best work within the confines of the space. They are knowledgeable about the type of surface needed for tennis and basketball courts, as well as the measurements for regulation play. Whether it’s a commercial playing field, a home court, or the need to have a driveway or parking lot put in or resurfaced, the professional staff at Atwater Paving can handle it all. For more information on the services they offer, please Visit the website.

A tennis or basketball court that has the right slope and a smooth surface, will keep the balls bouncing on every spot they hit. There shouldn’t be dead zones on a court that’s been properly installed. Of course, after many years of use, the surface may need repairs or maintenance to bring it back to its original glory. These small issues should be attended to as they develop, in order to avoid a major overhaul of the playing surface. With care, a tennis or basketball court should be fully functional for a very long time.

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