Evaluating Storage Facilities In Louisville

It is always a little bit concerning for anyone when they are required to place some or all of their possessions in short or long-term storage. One very simple way to remove this concern or anxiety is to spend time in comparing your options for storage in Louisville and choosing the facility meeting the standards you require.

When you start looking for storage facilities in and around the city, you will find two basic differences. One option will be the self-storage facility and the other will be storage offered through moving and relocation services.

Self Storage Pros and Cons

There are both good and bad points to consider with self-storage units. These are rented by size from a small unit to one large enough for the contents of your apartment or home. They may be in large warehouses but more often they are in smaller, self-contained buildings with roll up doors to provide easy access for loading and unloading.

The biggest drawback to these storage facilities is that you have to do all the work of packing and unpacking. You will also typically be required to rent for a minimum amount of time and may have to wait for availability.

Moving and Relocation Companies

When using the storage facilities of a moving and relocation company, particularly one with a national presence, you will have a secure, dedicated facility. These large warehouses provide individual “vaults” that may have additional racking for safe storage of items. Only moving company staff will have access to the building, so security is much higher.

Additionally, these facilities are insured and offer the latest in fire suppression, alarms and security systems. They also allow you to simply make a phone call when you want the contents of your vault delivered and it can all be arranged without you having to worry about a thing.

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