Evaluating Long Distance Movers in Memphis

There are many considerations when it comes to planning an upcoming move. You need to locate the place of your new residence. In addition, after this the actual move must be performed. When moving across the country or internationally, this can be quite a feat. There is a considerable amount of logistics needed to carry out the move in an efficient and seamless manner. When searching for long distance movers, Memphis moving customers need to evaluate prospective companies based on certain factors, including service capabilities, experience and track record.

Storage Facility

Storage is a very valuable aspect of many kinds of moves. This is definitely true for long distance moves. Be sure to evaluate the storage facility of the moving company you are considering. The storage facility should be clean and protected with security alarms, fire suppression and proper ventilation.

Full Service Long Distance Moving Services

With a reputable and experience provider, you can count on receiving a full array of moving service options that can be tailored to your specific needs. These services for long distance residential moving can include: single point of contact, full or partial packing and unpacking, personal move management and custom designed move planning, online move tracking, crating and specialty packing, decluttering, staging and organizing, valuation coverage, temporary living, mortgage assistance and closing assistance.


Make sure that the long distance movers you choose employ reliable professionals. Determine if the crew has had to pass background checks and ask about the type of training they have received. Follow up on the company’s reputation – look up reviews and check its affiliations. All well-established long distance moving companies should be fully licensed and insured.

Also, verify the experience of the company and ask for references that can attest to the quality of previous moving jobs completed.

Before choosing a provider, you may want to perform some checks on the company’s reliability. You can inquire about the moving crews used and if the personnel have passed background checks. Also, you can check review sites to discover feedback about the company and its services. A check with the Better Business Bureau may also be helpful to verify the reputation of the company. In addition, verify that the moving company is fully licensed.

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