Evaluate and Fix Crooked Doors in Hawaii

Over time, you notice that your doors do not latch properly. They may require more force to open and close. After visually inspecting the doors, you notice the problem. You have Crooked Doors in Hawaii. A crooked door can be a sign that a house is shifting. Although some settling is normal, a cooked door may indicate that there is a more serious foundation problem.

Begin by looking at the foundation. A strong foundation will not show signs of damage. Hairline cracks, less than a 1/4 inch may be due to normal settling. Settling cracks can be sealed and left alone. If the cracks expand or change size in any way, a structural engineer should be called in. Any crumbling or flaking of the foundation is also a problem. Test the strength by poking the foundation with a screwdriver or other sturdy tool. You should not be able to chip or flake any off. Crumbling may indicate that the foundation is deteriorating and needs to be replaced.

Next, inspect the walls and floors of the home. Sloping or buckling in a wall or floor indicate that you need to call in a professional. Any cracks larger than 1/4 inch are a problem. If flooring material has cracked, like tile or vinyl, it may be due to cracks in the underlying foundation. Gaps between adjoining walls, the wall and ceiling, or the wall and floor are also signs of a serious issue.

Doors and windows can also provide information about potential foundation problems. You may notice that the door or window sticks. When doors and windows are first installed, they will run smoothly on their hinges or rails. They will continue to function smoothly if a home’s foundation remains stable. When a house shifts, the latches may become misaligned and stop working. Cracks in glass may also be due to foundation shifting.

Foundation damage can be due to expansive soil, poor quality materials, or from water exposure. If you have Crooked Doors in Hawaii or any other signs of foundation damage, you need to call in a professional. Click here to have a structural engineer evaluate your foundation and provide a solution to give you a strong foundation.

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