Establishing Eligibility Through A Social Security Disability Attorney In Oakland, CA

The SSA imposes strict guidelines for eligibility. The guidelines are applied to income. Any individual who is capable of earnings that exceed big amount per month is not classified as disabled. Furthermore, the requirements that identify disabilities establish whether or not the applicant is physically or mentally able to work. Any applicants who are facing difficulties in obtaining these benefits should contact a Social Security Disability attorney in Oakland, CA.

Eligibility Determination in California

Despite, medical evidence of a disability, the applicant must prove that he or she is unable to perform job duties in any industry. Termination in one field due to an inability to perform duties does not constitute a disability. The claimant should present evidence of a debilitating condition that could result in significant downtime for treatment or recovery.

Disabilities that qualify for benefits are those which will continue for no less than one year and could become permanent. Life-threatening conditions are almost guaranteed to qualify. Any condition that is not treatable in a way that ultimately results in elimination of the symptoms, or an underlying cause is eligible.

Severity of the conditions is represented in the medical documentation. This is why it is imperative for the physician who has treated the condition primarily to provide clear evidence. Statements made by this doctor establish the severity of the disability and how it will affect the applicant overall. For instance, an applicant with fibromyalgia should provide medical evidence that shows how often this condition renders them into a debilitated state.

The duration of the condition, if known, should be reflected in the application and evidence. Doctors should detail an approximate length of time that all curable conditions may exist or affect a patient beyond one year. The necessary treatment and recovery time should be included.

If the disability is based on a mental condition, the medical evidence shows an evaluation. Conditions that affect the intellect or how the patient may function in a work environment may qualify for disability benefits. The doctor should include details in the medical files that further explain these effects. Any applicant that is turned down and possesses a mental condition should contact a Social Security Disability attorney at Patrick J Kelly Law Office in Oakland, CA for further instruction.

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