Equipment Rental and Contractors Supplies in Pasadena TX

A distributor that provides one-stop services for Contractors Supplies Pasadena TX can save business owners a substantial amount of time and money, as well as help them get more business. An extensive inventory and a large showroom present owners with the opportunity to get everything needed for all types of jobs and projects.


All types and varieties of tools are available from top manufacturers. Manual, air, electric, and hydraulic tools are offered. Tools that are typically hard to find are in stock, with special ordering available if one cannot be found on-site. Contractors can visit the website for details on requesting special orders.

Other Contractors Supplies Pasadena TX includes fall protection items, personal protective equipment (PPE), and essentials required for safety. Traffic barriers, tape and warning signs around work areas, and lighting for night work will keep workers and the general public safe from harm during completion of road work, building repairs, or new construction.

Pricing for tools and accessories are affordable due to high volume. A large supply store that has been in business for decades, such as Mainland Tools & Supply in Pasadena TX, amasses an immense customer base. Consistent business translates to lower pricing.

Equipment Sales and Rental

Many contractors have a limited number of equipment and machinery to keep overhead costs down and retain capitol. Owners will purchase the most common pieces of equipment used in their line of work. Development contractors, for example, will have the equipment required for new construction, while a paving contractor will own steam rollers and trucks for spreading asphalt.

When the opportunity arises to bid on special contracts, or when the owner wishes to expand the business to include other types of contracts, renting equipment is the most cost-effective way to reach goals and objectives. A remote job site may require the use of generators, dirt equipment, and blasting tools. Renting those items is faster, easier, and cheaper than buying them.

Equipment and tools can be rented for a day, a week, or longer if necessary. Call to confirm availability and reserve the equipment required. The rental fleet is extensive. Owners can get rental quotes to help determine what is realistic for a formal bid. Visit the website for more information.

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