Equipment From McArdle Surgical Makes Bathrooms Safer for Seniors

A bathroom becomes an anxiety-provoking place for an elderly person worried about slipping or problems with balance. A company such as McArdle Surgical offers a wide variety of items to make the entire room safer and allow the person to feel entirely comfortable with bathing, showering and taking care of necessities. Benches, chairs and grab bars are big sources of help for these individuals.

One main problem with the average toilet fixture is the seating being relatively close to the floor. That means a person has to use a fair bit of strength to get back up, even when using a grab bar. By having a company like McArdle Surgical provide an elevated seat with grab rails, the fixture is much easier to sit down on and get up from. This is an essential point to consider because as a population group, people over age 65 experience a high percentage of falls in the bathroom. A significant percentage of the falls involve trying to sit down or rise up from the toilet fixture, not from any bathing-related activity. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) notes that this is especially problematic for individuals age 85 and older.

At the same time, this is being taken care of, adding safety features for the bath and shower is advisable too. Grab bars are helpful, and the person may appreciate a removable chair or bench for those times he or she is having mobility troubles or weakness. This person may sometimes not feel comfortable standing through an entire shower or having to get up from sitting on the floor of a bathtub.

Oddly enough, it’s younger adults who tend to slip and fall in the tub and shower, according to the CDC. However, when seniors fall, the risk of serious injury is greater. They are more likely to experience a serious fracture, particularly a hip fracture. Senior women in particular commonly have some degree of osteoporosis, making their bones more fragile due to loss of density. Anyone who is interested in upgrading the bathroom with safety features may Visit the website for information and photos of products.

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