Epoxy Floor Coatings Compared to Other Floor Coatings

It is important to know the different types of coatings you can get for your garage. Knowing the different types of coatings will help you make a more informed decision about your garage floor covering. Some people do not put a garage coating on their priority list of things to do to their home, but they should. Having your garage done in a coating does have benefits besides just looking great. A garage floor takes a lot of traffic and is typically an entrance for most home owners. Plus, people typically park their car in the garage. This can cause unsightly stains if the vehicles in your garage leak fluids.

Painting Your Garage Floor vs. an Epoxy Coating

If you want the cheapest route possible to cover your garage floor, you can paint it. If you decide to paint your garage floor, you should be aware that you will have to do this approximately once a year. In essence, you are throwing away money and time each year when you paint the floor. It also needs to be mentioned that painting a garage floor adds only a very small amount of protection to your floor. Paint is typically not stain or water resistant either, so every time you get water on your paint, or your vehicle leaks fluids, you can sustain damage to your painted floor. Epoxy garage floor coatings in Atlanta are a much better investment and will offer great protection for your floor. Epoxy protects against moisture, dust, stains, and it is highly durable. Epoxy coating will give your garage floor a show room finish that you can be proud of.

The Garage Does Not Need to House Your Car

Many people today are turning their garage into an entertainment room, instead of a place to park their vehicles. With an epoxy coating on your floor, you wouldn’t have to worry about moving heavy chairs around on your floor, or causing harm to your floor by setting up a small pool table. With a high traffic area such as a garage, an epoxy coating would be perfectly suited. Epoxy helps keep down dust that is typically found where concrete is. It makes for easy clean up and is extremely durable and long lasting. Whether you want to have a huge play room for the kids, or a place to park your favorite vehicle, you can be sure that your epoxy coated garage floor will suit the needs of you and your family.

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