EPIK South Korea: E-2 Visa Application Prcess

Keeping in mind the end goal to be working as an English instructor in South Korea, you will require the right kind of visa in the first place. The visa that is obliged (frequently) for South Korea is an E-2 visa, albeit one can likewise instruct with an F-5 visa. For more information on how to get any of these visas, it is recommended that you consider taking professional help. You can also read the remainder of this article for more help with EPIK South Korea.

This article will fundamentally walk you through the procedure of procuring a working visa for South Korea. The strides that are depicted in this article are the same steps that any other English teaching professional would take after getting their visa in any foreign country. It is recommended that you use a private selection representative from South Korea, but it goes without saying that the procedure is fundamentally the same for most of the other nations.

The initial phase in getting an E-2 visa is discovering an occupation in South Korea. This should be possible through enrollment specialists ( discovered online by scanning ESL work postings on famous ESL sites), or through the Korean government utilizing a system, for example, EPIK. EPIK helps many individuals in looking for some employment in South Korea consistently.

When you have been offered a position, you ought to have your agreement sent to you. You should sign this agreement and mail the first record to either the school chief or to your selection representative. It is prudent to utilize a messenger administration (i.e. DHL) as it is more secure, more reliable, and much speedier than the normal postal administration.

When the reports (a marked contract, distinguishing proof photos, a police freedom endorsement and your unique degree) have been gotten in South Korea, the visa procedure will begin in South Korea. This will be taken care of by somebody in South Korea, so you won’t need to stress over it.

Following a few days, you ought to get a visa number. This visa number is utilized to finish the visa process in your nation of origin. You should go to a neighborhood South Korean international haven in your nation and present your travel permit alongside some different archives (please verify that you telephone ahead to make sure that you have all the obliged reports). You will be obliged to leave your travel permit at the consulate for a week or may be longer while they take their time to prepare your visa. You will then have the capacity to gather your South Korean E-2 working visa.

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