EPCO Video Demonstrates How Tube Guards Protect Fluorescent Illumination Applications

While more energy efficient than incandescent lighting, fluorescent lighting presents worrisome environmental risks, including mercury and phosphorous leakage from lamp breakage and harmful UV rays. Engineered Products Company’s (EPCO) T5 Tube Guards, T8 Tube Guards, and T12 Fluorescent Tube Guards cost-effectively address these issues. In contrast to other makes that use acrylic based polymers, EPCO’s are made from more flexible, unbreakable lexan polycarbonate.

The video showcases the company’s unique in-house extrusion process. As the only company to extrude its own tube guards, EPCO ensures greater control over quality and the ability to maintain a large in-stock inventory for meeting customer requests for just-it-time inventory and custom lengths as well as favorable pricing. Learn how EPCO’s line of tube guards offers additional advantages for reducing heat and UV damage.

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