Ensure Safety with Emergency Tree Work in Arlington

Storms, accidents, and dead tree limbs can result in dangerous situations. Branches, even small ones, can cause a lot of damage when they fall suddenly. A tree that has been impacted in an accident may be unstable, and can crack or break at any time. Storm damage can break a tree trunk, leave it hanging precariously, or severe large limbs. Property owners have a responsibility to ensure safety to those in the vicinity. Emergency Tree Work in Arlington can be arranged to remove branches, sections of the tree, or the entire trunk, if necessary. Bracing and securing a weakened tree is also an option. If a crack or break has not continued down to the base, it may be possible to save the tree branch or trunk. Evaluation of the situation can provide a number of options.

Leaving the tree alone can lead to injury, further damage, or sudden breakage. Depending on the direction of the crack or break, the house, the yard, public property, or power lines can be exposed to risk. Waiting until the weekend to fix the problem is not a wise idea. The situation requires emergency tree work in Arlington by a professional. Getting a ladder, and attempting to cut down branches, can lead to injury or electrocution. It is not recommended for anyone who is not a certified technician. Concern of costs is not a reason to place people in jeopardy. Free consultations are available from many companies, and people can also Get a Free Estimate for each suggested solution. The cost will be much less than medical bills, increased insurance rates, and liability lawsuits.

In addition to emergency services, comprehensive tree work is also available at affordable pricing. Environmentally sound methods, sustainable practices, and the latest techniques for disease diagnosis and treatment, pest control, and stump grinding means trees and shrubs can be treated and maintained for a safe and aesthetically pleasing yard. Other tree services include pruning, transplanting, fertilizing, planting, and securing for winter weather. Trimming and seasonal clean up of the areas around trees and shrubs are also offered. Landscaping designs, construction, and maintenance services are also available.

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